Take your Community Center Mobile.

Your members and visitors don’t want to carry around stacks of brochures. Let them look up schedules and find pertinent information and contacts on their smartphones.


"Thanks to Guidebook, we were able to create a custom app for our JCC that gives members the latest program information in the palms of their hands via smartphone and iPad. It’s easy to use and very engaging."

— Mimi Sells, Chief Marketing Officer, Oshman Family JCC

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Schedules of events

Give people a quick way to browse through all of the events that take place at your community center. Members and visitors can also search by keywords and dates for the things that interest them.



Allow your audience to catch up on the latest happenings at your center in their spare time.


Create simple channels for people to give you suggestions and let you know what they’re thinking.


Make important phone numbers and email addresses easy to find on the go.

No duplication of effort

Why should you have to update your calendars on your website and your mobile app separately? Guidebook will sync with your existing content management systems so that you don’t have to enter things twice.

Straightforward Pricing

We don't charge hourly rates or tack on extra fees. You get everything – software, service, and support – for one monthly rate.

Pricing for Community Centers

Works Well on All Devices

With fully native apps for iOS and Android, as well as a mobile web app, nobody is left out.

More than 80 percent of smartphone users have Apple or Android devices. Guidebook gives you fully native apps for both of these platforms, so that people can browse quickly, and access content instantly even when they don’t have a good Wi-Fi or cellular signal. The other 20 percent of users are also covered through our mobile web app, which means that you get the best possible user interface for everyone for one low price.

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