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At last -- campus and event apps made easy.

The days of relying on the IT department for campus communication are over!
Now event organizers from any department can all publish relevant and up-to-date information to one integrated app.

How a mobile platform works.

Think of your app as a library of guides.

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Building a quality app from scratch is a lot of work. We allow you to save time and money by leveraging the technology that already exists and customizing it to suit your needs.

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When you don’t have the time to build a guide, upgrade to our Premium Guidebuilding Service and let our Customer Success team take care of all of the data entry. As a Guidebook EDU subscriber, this upgrade costs only $1,000 per guide.

Guidebook Success Stories

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Since students do everything on their phones now, we wanted to take the convenience of technology to enhance the orientation experience. We decided on Guidebook because it had all the features we needed.

I love Guidebook! The content management system was extremely easy to learn, and the staff was more than willing to help throughout that process as I was getting used to the system.

We wanted to have a mobile presence, since students are always looking at their phones these days. We loved that the guide highlighted all the different events that were going on, and allowed students to create their own personalized schedules.

Guidebook tells the complete story on every device.

Welcome to your elegant, consistently branded user interface: from mobile to tablet to web. Users can log in on any device, and all their custom content like to-do lists and personal schedules will sync.
It’s seamless, and you’ll be proud to show it off.

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