Catherine Bragg

I first came to Toronto, Canada as a foreign student from Hong Kong. In my second year, I received my Permanent Residency and subsequently became a Canadian citizen. As a Canadian, I obtained my Master's degree in Criminology from University of Cambridge, then a Ph.D. In Criminal Justice from the State University of New York at Albany. So I have been a foreign student in 3 countries. Following my doctorate, I joined the Canadian federal public service, serving in 7 departments, 4 at the Director General level. My last position was in International Humanitarian Assistance in the Canadian International Development Agency, following which, I was seconded to the United Nations as the Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs. Following my retirement from the United Nations and the Canadian Public Service after a career of 30 years, I am now Adjunct (Full) Professor in Humanitarian Action in University College Dublin, and a Governor of the University of Toronto. I also continue to contribute through membership in board-level advisory committees and executive boards in multinational, multilateral, and national organizations in various countries.