Maria Campos

Surely, I embraced most of the opportunities daily campus life offers for mutual cooperation, in particular trying to be aware of people's presences, ideas and feelings. I had had the amazing opportunity to expand my views by participating in the Multifaith Group meetings during 2008. In fact, that exposure inspired me to propose and later curate the very first Both/And in 2009, entitled “What is beyond multiculturalism?”
Life is for learning and learning is for life. I have continued learning, studying, keeping my mind and body active by enjoying the Athletic Centre facilities and engaging with St. George Campus life as much as I can.
After graduation, I concentrated my efforts in perfecting my art making skills, mainly painting and printmaking. I build my art studio at Kensington Market. Art making is important to sharpen my creative skills, attention to details, explore my own creative processes. Professionally, only recent I found the track to pursuit my second career as a Human Resources Consultant, coaching & career developer.