Benjamin Wan

Ben graduated from Computer Science in 2002 during the dot-com crash upheaval. It is hard to imagine that there was a time where the IT industry had a glut of unemployed IT professionals. Anecdotes about programmers considering going back to school to learn other trades were quite common. To keep busy and earn pocket money, Ben started his journey as a cashier at Indigo Books - a calculated move as he spent most of his money on books. During this time he also worked part-time as an instructor at a computer programming camp for kids. His first break came when he landed a one year internship at a not-for-profit providing digital community services back when the social media was still in its infancy. He served as their lead web designer. Ben's first proper job in IT would come through a network he fostered while serving on the U of T Computer Science Student Union. During his years at this company, Ben was able to explore the industry's breadth of roles, spending time as a web designer, programmer, QA analyst, and project manager; It will be as Business Analyst where he will find his calling. After a stint at Deloitte in Technology Consultant, Ben decided to pursue a career as an independent IT contractor providing Business Analyst services. His clients since then are sprinkled across a range of industries including Banking, Finance, Media, Medical Science, Marketing, and Engineering.