Cori Myles-Matovsky

I came to U of T as an international student from the Cayman Islands, after boarding school in Niagara. My focus was always on English Literature, but I dabbled in Philosophy, Film, and other disciplines before opting to Minor in Political Science. When I was at U of T, I thought I wanted to be an English professor or a writer when I graduated, but the closer I got to graduation, the more apparent it became that neither of those paths were for me. After graduation, I did a short stint as a receptionist before landing in social media, at which point things just clicked and I knew I had found a home for myself within this burgeoning industry. I've spent the past 7 years in the Marketing space, focused on social, content, and digital marketing. Most of my career is been in the retail/ecommerce space, and I've recently moved into media.

My path after graduation looks nothing like I thought it would in school, but the things I learned at U of T are directly linked to what my career has become.