Randall Baran-Chong

At U of T I was actively involved in student life - ranging from being President of the Commerce Students' Association, to writing for several publications, to supporting various committees including the Commerce Curriculum Committee which refreshed the program in 2008. After graduation, in my spare time I became involved in human rights work, serving for 5 years as the Executive Director of HanVoice, Canada's largest NGO on North Korean human rights and refugees where I led lobbying efforts on Parliament Hill, created a leadership and Parliamentary internship for North Korean refugees, and built an international partnership with an organization bringing USB keys containing all of Wikipedia on them into North Korea. Additionally, Randall was involved in various other local community initiatives in the Chinese-Canadian community, financial literacy for immigrants, and labour rights.

To pay the bills, I started my career obtaining my CPA, but pivoted to Management and Strategy Consulting focused on healthcare -- advising Ministers of Health, Hospital Executives and Life Science companies in delivering better care more effectively and efficiently through system redesign, payment reform, and turning around failing hospitals -- based in Toronto, New York, and Amsterdam over my career, including a Global Executive role that allowed me to support and global insight our local teams in over 25 countries. Since returning to Toronto, I've founded 3 early-stage startup companies (that don't yet pay the bills), including Knowstalgia (a storytelling app), Choosee (an AI-based decision-making app), and Tofeather (an experimental human/avian partnership).