Luke Moore

I graduated with a General BSc in 1983. Although my education was pointing towards sciences, I had a passion for communications. I had a radio show on CIUT that has been heralded as the first hardcore punk program of that decade and I was one of a handful of students that formed the U of T Marketing Club. After graduation I was employed as a blending chemist in the food & beverage industry but I quickly shifted into media & advertising in 1984. My career in this field has taken me across the country and holding senior roles in large, global agencies managing some of Canada's largest blue chip clients. In early 2014 I went into partnership with an independent, private group to build a new type of media company. Developed in response to concerns about the lack of transparency with new media technologies, coupled with the need to unify media and strategy in order to deliver on a customer-centric marketing model, this innovative offering was new to the media marketplace. Currently, I run or bike through the downtown campus on my daily commute virtually everyday.