Samra Zafar

Keynote Speaker

Samra Zafar is an Award-Winning International Speaker, Community Leader, Scholar, Author and Entrepreneur. She is a top graduate of the University of Toronto, where she won several prestigious awards and scholarships. She now serves as the youngest Alumni Governor for the University, while pursuing a rewarding career in commercial banking.

Samra speaks on a wide variety of topics including authentic leadership, resilience, women empowerment, diversity and inclusion, gender inequality and violence, youth empowerment, and mental health. Her speaking portfolio includes two TED Talks, Amnesty International, WE Day, Women's Business Network and many major corporations, associations and non-profits across North America and beyond.

Samra has been a guest lecturer in many universities including Yale Law School.

Samra is frequently featured in many major national and international media, impacting tens of millions of people worldwide. Samra's book, being published by Harper Collins, arrives in bookstores across Canada in March 2019.

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