Gain international experience


33 St. George Street, Center for International Experience
If you want to travel the globe during university, start planning now! U of T has partnered with universities all over the world to offer you the most incredible international experiences. Start researching now to earn credit toward your degree, meet new people and see your coursework from a different culture's perspective.

There are lots of options of varying lengths and times (a week, a term, a summer), so look into exchanges, summer abroad, research opportunities and more.

Reasons to go international:
  • get first-hand knowledge of different cultures and countries
  • gain an international perspective on academic subjects
  • access world-class labs and international research teams
  • gain global work experience and an understanding of different work markets
  • intercultural and cross-cultural training allows you to be effective in diverse environments
  • travel can help you develop independence, resilience and confidence
  • you can explore potential schools for graduate study
  • improve your communication skills and learn new languages
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