ACAMIS ELL Conference 2018

Welcome to the ACAMIS English Language Learners Annual Conference!

The issues related to English Language Learning within our member schools is at the top of the list of concerns about how to integrate increasingly diverse numbers of language speakers into a curriculum based largely on English as the main language of instruction.

We are delighted that two experienced keynote speakers will join us in Tianjin - Tan Huynh from Vientiane International School and Nicola Bourgeois at the NIST International School in Thailand. They will also lead several sessions at this conference, but no conference is complete without the kind of peer expertise that teacher from ACAMIS member schools can provide.

Sincere thank you go to Steve Moody of the International School of Tianjin for hosting this conference and to the ELL Organizing Committee lead by Lori Zhai supported by Andrea Griego, Emma McBride, and Carrie Di.

Finally, be sure to take this opportunity to connect with colleagues from other schools which is an enriching benefit from these gatherings and most of all, enjoy the stimulation!

The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) is a non-profit membership organization formed to facilitate interactions and development among international schools in China and Mongolia, assisting member schools to grow and achieve the very best standards in international education. ACAMIS now has a membership of 75 international schools located in mainland China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan representing more than 64,000 students and 8,000 teachers. The schools range in size from less than 300 to over 2,000 pupils.