Wes Johnson

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Wes Johnson sleeps rather soundly for a murderer. Or wait, maybe that's one of his characters. The lines tend to blur.

Wes wandered the wastelands of "FALLOUT 4," dispensing truly bad Baseball history as Moe Cronin, Protectron-ing, and dispensing JUSTICE as the voice of The Silver Shroud. He had fun in "Nuka-World" reprising Protectrons and newer models.

In other realities, Wes was the guy who welcomed you off the boat in Bethesda Softwork's "MORROWIND." He was both the Criminal Scum (Lucien Lachance) and the Guards who arrested them in "OBLIVION" as well as a Daedric Price of Madness named Sheogorath. Wes returned to Tamriel and the Elder Scrolls series in "SKYRIM", reprising Sheo, Lucien, and Hermaeus Mora. He reprised his Arena Announcer from Oblivion in ELDER SCROLLS LEGENDS.

In previous wasteland journeys, Wes stole your kills as Fawkes, swayed you to to do evil as Mr Burke, and bitched a lot as Scribe Bigsley in in "FALLOUT 3." He fought famous Starship Captains as Klingons in "STAR TREK: LEGACY and CONQUEST, and has been proudly UNLEASHING THE FURY and calling goals for the WASHINGTON CAPITALS since the turn of the Century.

Wes has been SEEN as well as heard in feature films such as John Waters' "A Dirty Shame," Chris Rock's "Head of State," "The Invasion," "For Richer or Poorer," and has made appearances on HBO's "VEEP," "The Wire," and NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street." he recently shot a TV pilot with the great Ed Asner.

A comedian and impressionist, Wes worked morning radio at WHFS-FM, was the comedy co-host on a national radio show with the late Wolfman Jack, and has performed songs on "The Doctor Demento Show." In the end, Wes is happiest about his role as husband to Kim and father to Ben, Sam and Max. He DOES NOT actually live in a mansion, but fakes it well on YouTube. He is owned by a spoiled Chi-weenie.