Concerts – Potomac Ballroom

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Long! So Long! We fell asleep waiting for you, dear Princes! And We hate to have Our beauty sleep interrupted! You'll have to make it up to Us...

Can you roll up a Katamari at MAGFest? Try to get as many donuts on it as you possibly can. It seems to Us that you may be a bit out of practice, so We've prepared a training montage for you to get back in shape! A little work rolling the Katamari, and We're sure you can Transform to get back in the game and box with the best of them. Don't forget your pajamas– they're a sure bet to be as aerodynamic as possible while you're rolling!


(LONELYROLLINGSTARS are an alliance of old men that met at the dumpster out behind MAGFest. Combining far-flung members of The Smash Brothers, Armcannon, and Viking Guitar Live, some might call this motley assortment of facial hairstyles a "VGM supergroup." That's likely an unfitting & overblown title for a dad band that can't even be bothered to change out of their pajamas before taking the stage. Oh well. Regardless, LONELYROLLINGSTARS will continue to deliver rainbow-soaked VGM & TV jams straight from the eye of the CARNIVORTEX. Every LRS show is a pajama party, so wear your pajamas too!)

KEYS: Cubosh (of Armcannon)
GUITAR: MegaBeardo (of Viking Guitar Live)
GUITAR: Ailsean (formerly of The Smash Brothers)
BASS: norg (formerly of The Smash Brothers)
DRUMS: finbeard (a mascot statuette stolen from out in front of an old Big Boy restaurant & brought to life)