Concerts – Potomac Ballroom

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Nick Kaelar, 27, is considered a "vanguard of music" by Earmilk magazine, and his expertise more than displays that. He has collaborated with Skrillex, Celldweller, and Two Steps from Hell, and was composing for Hollywood movies by the age of 25. Having toured all of the United States and more, DJing festivals, and having multiple Beatport #1 hits, it's no wonder Alternative Magazine named him "Top 100 Artists to Watch". He has had over twenty major trailer placements, and is widely known in the industry for pushing the envelope of sound with his trendsetting ideas.

Not only is Kaelar hailed for his music, but he has also been heavily involved in developing music brands, producing for top Korean pop acts, consulting multi-million dollar companies on audio, and is a regular lecturer at the Icon Collective - an elite music production school in Los Angeles. Nick Kaelar produces all genres, and sets the bar while he's at it.