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Weapons Policy
Prop weapons are welcome but must be checked in with security promptly upon arrival. Sharp corners, metal rods, or any other elements of weapons that may be dangerous to others will not be allowed. If constructing a prop please err on the side of caution, or contact us ahead of time for approval.

No real weapons, or any item that can be easily mistaken for a weapon, may be carried either openly or concealed at any time in festival space, regardless of any concealed carry permits. An exception will be made for folding pocketknives without double-edged blades that are no longer than four inches. If a prop weapon or folding pocketknife is held or used in a threatening way, it will be considered a weapon. On such occasion, a staff member may take any reasonable measures to ensure the continued safety of MAGFest attendees, which could include remanding the attendee in question immediately to the custody of the local police. These policies are enforced at all times.