Sonic Adventure Music Experience Featuring Jun Senoue


Concerts – Potomac Ballrooms

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"SONIC ADVENTURE MUSIC EXPERIENCE" is a trio led by, SEGA Games Sound Director and Lead Composer for the Sonic Adventure series Jun Senoue (Guitar), with his long time trusted partner for many soundtracks Takeshi Taneda (Bass), as well as Act. (Drums) who is the "fan representative" of the group, claiming himself "practically nurtured" by music from the Sonic series. As part of celebration of the 25th anniversary of "SONIC", the trio has been active since 2016, showcasing instrumental soundtracks for the series.

This occasion marks their first overseas concert outside of Japan as a live "band", for Senoue and his trusty crew. Make sure not to miss their live performance combined with gameplay footage, that's sure to take you back to the times when you and your controller ruled the world!