Maciej "Maq" Matyka

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Born in 1980 - scientists programmer, physicists, lecturer, educator. Maciej (maq / floppy) has been an active coder on demoscene for +20 years. He was the main coder of more than twenty demos and intros for Amiga and PC. In his professional life he is a scientist working on computer simulations in physics and, obviously, in his demos he tries to find a bridge between those two worlds.

Thus, he has been experimenting with physically based modeling in demos, for example: the Lattice Boltzmann method used in the tree effect in Crush (1st demo at Breakpoint), pressure soft body dynamics (1st demo at Symphony), granular matter in Kiten (2nd demo at WeCan).

He is an experienced speaker with long track record of talks given at many scientific conferences. He gave an opening talk at NVScene 2014 demoparty in San Jose, CA about real-time fluid dynamics.