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Indie Tabletop Showcase – National Harbor 11

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Choose a fantasy class (paladin, rogue, etc...) and a fantasy race (Orc, Elf, etc..). Shuffle those two decks together and fight! We will be demoing our new Magic races and classes and some decks in development.
Head-to-head Card Game, Ages 10 and up, 2 player

The JRPG Tabletop Adventure Game is a co-op game for 4 characters. It has legacy elements as the game creates a 3 act story with each act taking one night of gaming. The choice of acts will define the story and the final boss battle. The game has no rulebook - players learn through a prologue and training scenes. We will be demoing the prologue and one of the 1st acts.
Co-op Baord Game, Ages 12 and up, 4 playerHead-to-head Card Game, Ages 10 and up, 2 player