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Indie Tabletop Showcase – National Harbor 11

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Corruption: Sanctus Malum pits the power of a few against the might of many in this twist on a social deduction game. Acting as a Guardian, you aid angels in ascending to their rightful place. Or are you an Imp in disguise, corrupting the virtuous?
The Justice will make the final decision on which Action Cards are played each round - but watch out for Power Cards that may cause you to have to reveal your alignment, swap your cards, or even switch sides!
Whichever faction gets the most Recruit Tokens on their side wins the game!
Docial Deduction Game, 14 up, 5 - 15 players

Rabbit Island is a tile-laying modular board game for 2-4 players - however, at MagFest we will be testing our 5-6 player expansion pack!
Play as one of four Rabbit Leaders on a new island every time you sit down to play! Build up your civilization with Carrots and help from special Action Cards. Can you conquer your opponents and come out on top with the biggest civilization?
Tile-Laying Board Game, Ages 14 up, 2 - 6 players