Radical Robot Squad


Indie Tabletop Showcase – National Harbor 11

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Radical Robot Squad is about fighting giant robos, making the best Mega Mech, and then pitting one Mega Mech against another! You and your opponent start with a deck of cards made up of robos and add-ons. You each draw 5 and make the best combination of 3 of them. Whoever makes the best combination wins the match, takes all the cards, and can place 1 of them as a part on their Mega Mech. When both players have enough parts on their Mega Mech, their deck becomes their health and all the cards they’ve placed become parts to attack, defend or heal with! You and your opponent each activate parts by rolling dice until a player’s health is reduced to 0 or until a Mega Mech’s parts have been ripped off! If you like Transformers, Power Rangers, Voltron, or Pacific Rim and want to play a giant robot boardgame, this is the game for you! 30-90 mins playtime.
Card and Dice Fighting Game, Ages 12 up, 2 - 4 players