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Indie Tabletop Showcase – National Harbor 11

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Lawyer Up! - Lawyer up is an asymmetrical card game where players take on the role of attorneys prosecuting and defending a case.
Card Game, Ages 10 up, 2 player

Set a Watch - In Set a Watch you play as one of four Fantasy Adventurers who have made camp for the night after an exhausting quest and have happened upon a greater threat. You must defend your campfire site from a line of Creatures with unique abilities who are attempting to revive from the dead powerful UnHallowed monsters. You must clear out nine locations to stop the Acolytes from breaking the seals and reviving these monsters in order to conquer the world. It is a battle to stay alive and keep the campfire lit! Use your wits and skill to fight for the light…or all will perish in darkness.
Cooperative Board Game, Ages 10 up, 1 - 4 players