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Indie Tabletop Showcase – National Harbor 11

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Battle for Biternia - Teams of heroes compete to destroy the enemy crystal. Each hero has unique powers and each turn is packed with hidden planning, simple combat, and tough tactical decisions.
Strategy Game, Ages 12 up, 2 - 4 players

Burned - A rogue operative is hunted down by a spy agency in this game of hidden movement and silent assassination.
Strategy Game, Ages 10 up, 2 player

Dry County Dash - Players race across the border to sell hooch as quickly as possible. Make sure you grab a passport instead of a gun, we wouldn't want the border patrol to get involved...
Social Deduction Game, Ages 10 up, 2 - 5 player

Horrible Hex is a tile movement and placement game where players compete to form patterns and score points.
Abstract Game, Ages 12 up, 1 - 3 players

Pirate Kings - The classic drinking game of Kings or Kings Vup, but with pirates! Draw a card, do what the card says. Yarrrrrr!
Drinking Game, Ages 18 up, 2 - 20 players