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Indie Tabletop Showcase – National Harbor 11

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Dice of the Caribbean - There is glory to be had in the dangerous Caribbean Sea. Attack your rivals, command a vast fleet of pirate ships, command your crew, and take all the plunder there is to be had. Do you have the might to become the next great pirate terror? Dice of the Caribbean is a fast paced, tactical dice game. Build a plan, build, and execute a strategy that puts you on high as the Pirate King. Can you out sail, out gun, and out wit your opponents? Each turn you roll the dice and choose the most efficient way to build your strategy. Bury treasure, hire crew, and control the Caribbean.
Dice Game, Ages 12 up, 2 - 5 players

Robotech: Ace Pilot - Hurl yourself into the incoming Zentraedi attack wave and come out on top as the best RDF pilot. Use your available resources and push your luck to rack up a high score. This involves taking chances and cutting off your rivals. With an insightful battle plan and some luck, you will forever be known as the best pilot in the fleet.
Competitive Dice Game, Ages 10 up, 2 - 4 players

Robotech: All Hands on Deck - You are the stout bridge crew of the SDF-1. Scan for attacking Zentraedi, direct your fire and destroy the threat. You must also keep life support online, as well as repair the shields and hull to keep the SDF-1 from being completely over-run!
This is a real-time game with an optional audio soundtrack.
Co-op Card Game, Ages 14 up, 5 - 13 players

Robotech: Attack On The SDF-1 - You are playing the heroic characters of the venerable Super Dimension Fortress One, also known as the SDF-1. Players must defend the SDF-1 against the continuous waves of Zentraedi attackers. As a Hero, you will be forced to do battle, repair damage and manage your resources. Tough decisions and sacrifices will be required to protect the SDF-1.
Co-op Board Game, Ages 14 up, 3 - 5 players