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Indie Tabletop Showcase – National Harbor 11

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Modern Dragons - Six dragons, disguised in human form, are competing to take surreptitious control of The City. They can do this in one of two ways: Controlling one of The City's commerce, government, or criminal elements, or by killing their competitors.
The dragons have different strengths and weaknesses, and draw their power from the amount of influence they have in The City (accrued by purchasing property and recruiting followers) and the amount of treasure they hoard (accrued by looting different sectors of the city). Some dragons, like the criminally-inclined Red Dragon, are combat-heavy, and are best served to amass an army and try to destroy their enemies. Others, like the culturally-focused Silver Dragon, are better at taking over by exerting influence over the different districts and remaining elusive. The Purple Dragon uses games of chance to disorient his opponents, and the Black Dragon withers the other dragons away with an array of deadly poisons.
The dragons also have different powers they can use to change the balance of power, and if necessary can even parlay with their competitors to take down a runaway winner, lending a diplomatic edge to the game. And in truly desperate situations, a dragon can even change, taking on their true draconic form and laying waste to their opponents' forces at the cost of exposing themselves and risking attracting the attention of the dragon-hunting Knights of the Circle.
Combat consists of die rolls between opposing forces, with positioning being particularly important given the speed at which characters can make their way to a combat zone if the fight isn't ended quickly.
Territory Control Strategy Game, Ages 12 up, 2 - 6 players

Shootout - Shootout is an old west-themed card combat game. The players have a two-card hand that they replenish after every turn. The town has a cast of characters (Like the steely-eyed Sheriff, the ambitious Mayor, and the perceptive Barkeep) who can't seem to stop having duels at high noon! The rules are simple: Two cards to a player. Play a card, draw a card. Win by being the last one standing, or by getting the town's gold supply into the right hands.
Quick-Play Card Combat, Ages 12 up, 2 - 5 players