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Indie Tabletop Showcase – National Harbor 11

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Everything Makes Sense at the End - Get ready to tell stories like you've never told them before. Whats that? Why is this different and just not some marketing ploy? Well, I'll tell you friend!
In Everything Makes Sense, you'll be telling stories will all your friends, your family, and even your greatest enemies for story glory!
Games last several rounds or until THE END OF TIME ITSELF. Play until your heart's content. Play for laughs, play to win, play to tell the greatest tale.
It's up to you.
We're pretty confident things will make sense at the end. Otherwise, that would be just awkward.
Party Storytelling Game, Ages 8 up, 4 - 8 players

Slaughter by Seasons - Two players face off in a 1 vs 1 card battle game represented by four unique characters.
Card Fighting Game, Ages 12 up, 2 player