The 2018 URTAs

We are delighted that you're taking part in the URTA Auditions & Interviews. The “URTAs" (as they're commonly known) have been helping prospective students find placements in top MFA theatre programs for more than forty years. You are about to be part of a proud tradition!

Hopefully, you have already begun researching graduate training programs. Our Membership Directory is a great place to start. Be sure to contact the schools directly for the most current information on their programs and recruiting cycle.

The URTAs are conducted over several days in each city. Your commitment is only a single day but that day will be a busy one! You'll have an orientation in the morning, your audition or presentation later in the day, and callbacks or interviews could take you through the afternoon and early evening. Keep all this in mind if you plan to schedule other appointments during your time with us.

Each year, the URTA Auditions and Interviews bring together faculty from dozens of top training programs and hundreds of prospective MFA candidates in all areas of theatre including acting, design and technology, directing, stage management and arts leadership.

Candidates have the opportunity to be seen, in one place (New York, Chicago, or San Francisco), by recruiters from among our 43 member universities, as well as other prominent institutions.

Our Satellite Auditions program affords acting candidates the chance to meet additional, non-member training programs, including many international schools.
This guide is intended to help you navigate the URTAs. Explore it thoroughly to learn about our schools and continuing education workshops, the auditions themselves and so much more! We also highly encourage you to use the guide's Interact feature. Connect with other candidates who will be attending the URTAs with you!