Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region 2 2020 at the University of Maryland

With great excitement and pleasure, I welcome you to our 52nd Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival at the University of Maryland. I hope you will take advantage of all the exciting programming that this festival has to offer.

We are always working to do better. If sometimes the festival seems like barely controlled chaos, you might be correct. Honestly, that might be part of the fun. Please remember that the festival is run by us for us. I can assure you that this festival will have moments where we think we could have planned a little better, and we will learn from these moments. I can also assure you that this festival will be AMAZING! If we stumble, it is not because of lack of trying, but because of trying to do too much. We are attempting to shoehorn an incredible number of opportunities and events into 4 days!

KCACTF is you. There is no corporate umbrella organization that secretly makes decisions or dictates for our region. All the programs you find here have been developed by faculty volunteers with student feedback, and we are constantly tweaking. Programs differ from region to region, and we try to learn from each other. If you ever feel like this organization is not listening or is not planning appropriately, let me know, and we can work together to do better. Our aim is for the organization of this festival to be transparent. For this reason, I would like to invite you to our KCACF Region 2 feedback session (time and location in guidebook). This is a great opportunity to ask questions, learn about the festival, and to offer suggestions for future improvements.

I'm deeply thankful that you chose to attend this year's festival. Now choose to engage with the festival as much as possible, and you will not be let down by the experience. Choose not to be a passive recipient, but rather to lean forward into the festival, seek and explore opportunities to experience and learn new things.

The leadership committee and myself have been working all year to plan for these January days. The festival is our gift to you. I hope it's the right fit!

Bill Gillett
Chair, Region 2