Stand 34
AURIN is a national e-research infrastructure that empowers urban researchers, planners and policy makers to transform Australia's urban settlements for the better. Urban systems are complex. Understanding how they function and supporting decisions on planning for their future development is crucial. The AURIN Workbench and its flagship applications, the AURIN Portal and AURIN Map, are delivering free access to thousands of data sets from multiple sources that are spatially enabled and research-ready, and the analytical tools to interrogate and visualise this data. We streamline access to health, transport, housing, economic, land use, demographic, and a stack of other data— all integrated to work together. Researchers, governments and industry are then able to generate meaningful knowledge – urban intelligence – the evidence base for informed decisions for the smart growth and the sustainable development of Australia's cities and towns. Funded by the Australian Government through the NCRIS Strategy, the AURIN initiative is building the e-research infrastructure required to enable better understanding of the current state of Australia's cities and towns and to meet the challenges they face.