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CSIRO Scientific Computing provide access to CSIRO's high performance computing, research data and library services expertise offered by CSIRO's Information Management and Technology (IMT) business unit. IMT supports all CSIRO business units in carrying out their breakthrough science and innovation for Australia. We have over 100 talented staff dedicated to Scientific Computing, 80+ collaborative eResearch projects every 6 months, access to over 2 PFlops of aggregated supercomputing performance and over 40 PB of primary research data holdings. Over 1800 published and curated research data records, talented library staff supporting Research Publications Repository (RPR) over 210,000 records of CSIRO publications dating from 1917 Data Access Portal (DAP) over 1500 collections of CSIRO data or software. This combination of leading expertise, coupled with the high-performance computing facilities, research data and library services, is unique within the Australian scientific and research environment.