102.02 Probing gravity theory and cosmic acceleration using (in)consistency tests between cosmological data sets (Mustapha B. Ishak-Boushaki)

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Jun 4th at 10:50 AM until 11:00 AM




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Author(s): Mustapha B. Ishak-Boushaki1
Institution(s): 1. University of Texas at Dallas
Testing general relativity at cosmological scales and probing the cause of cosmic acceleration are among important objectives targeted by incoming and future astronomical surveys and experiments. I present our recent results on (in)consistency tests that can provide insights about the underlying gravity theory and cosmic acceleration using cosmological data sets. We use new statistical measures that can detect discordances between data sets when present. We use an algorithmic procedure based on these new measures that is able to identify in some cases whether an inconsistency is due to problems related to systematic effects in the data or to the underlying model. Some recent published tensions between data sets are also examined using our formalism, including the Hubble constant measurements, Planck and Large-Scale-Structure. (Work supported in part by NSF under Grant No. AST-1517768).