402.05 Keck Observations of the Gas Dynamics at the Galactic Center (Randall Campbell)

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Jun 7th at 11:20 AM until 11:30 AM




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Author(s): Randall Campbell3, Anna Ciurlo2, Mark Morris2, Breann N. Sitarski1, Andrea M. Ghez2, Tuan Do2
Institution(s): 1. GMTO, 2. University of California, Los Angeles, 3. W.M. Keck Observatory
In the central parsec of the Milky Way Galaxy the environment of the super-massive black hole (SMBH) presents a complicated mixture of stars, gas, and dust. These inner few tens of arcseconds of the GC have been observed at high resolution with Keck for 20 years with the primary goal of monitoring stars orbiting the SMBH. However, the gas features and their dynamics can also be closely examined using this unique baseline of data. In particular, observations with the Keck OSIRIS integral field spectrometer allow us to examine of the dynamical properties of the gas and to possibly identify new G-type█Ł objects, or dusty stellar objects. We present a study of morphology and orbital dynamics of sub-parsec scale gas features in the central region.