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Nature Astronomy is arguably the oldest science, and has featured strongly throughout the history of Nature — the first quasar, the first exoplanet, the nature of spiral nebulae, to name but a few of the advances reported in its pages. The launch of Nature Astronomy now enables much expanded coverage of the modern discipline: the journal welcomes research across astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science, with the aim of fostering closer interaction between the researchers in each of these areas.

Like all Nature-branded journals, Nature Astronomy is characterized by a dedicated team of professional editors, a fair and rigorous peer-review process, high standards of copy-editing and production, swift publication and editorial independence.

Publishing online monthly, Nature Astronomy offers a range of content types including original research, Review Articles, Perspectives, Comments, News & Views and Research Highlights. We do not charge for publication, and we encourage authors to post their papers on preprint servers, for example arXiv, at any point during the submission process.

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