Career Services

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Career Center @ the AAS Booth #315

The AAS hosts a Career Center in the AAS Booth at each winter AAS meeting. The Career Center is a place for job seekers to get career advice and to find out who at the meeting is interviewing (informally or formally) for open positions. Job seekers can also submit their CV or résumé for the AAS CV Collection. For employers, the Career Center is where they can advertise their jobs and meet with interested candidates, either formally, in a reserved interview room, or informally, in the AAS Booth or exhibit hall. Recruiters are welcome to scan the AAS CV Collection for top candidates.

Career Networking & Job Fair

Tuesday, 9 January, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Maryland Ballroom A&B
Are you in the market for a career in astronomy? Thinking about making a change? Would you like to mentor an early career astronomer? Will your company be hiring in the near future? Then the Career Networking & Job Fair is the place to be. Network with employers and potential employees. Learn about the many career services offered by the AAS, especially those offered onsite at the 231st meeting. Employers will be on hand to meet and greet attendees.

One-on-One Career Consultations

Throughout the meeting in 20 minutes sessions; check in at the AAS Booth and Career Center
($20 per session)

Alaina Levine of Quantum Success Solutions, a science careers consultant, science writer, professional speaker, and comedian, will meet individually with attendees to provide confidential, customized career advice for people from student through mid-career. Attendees are encouraged to bring CV/résumé, cover letter, or any other item you wish to have evaluated. Register for a Session.

Careers 101: Career Planning Workshop and Panel for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Tuesday, 9 January | 9:30 am to 11:30 am
This FREE workshop and panel discussion will center on the current and expanding crisis in the job and career market for astronomers. Specifically targeted towards graduate students and postdocs, this workshop will identify and investigate the shortage of traditional astronomy jobs, and how early-career scientists can best prepare for this challenge. Our focus will be on career planning for traditional astronomy positions. We will demonstrate how to orchestrate a personal career plan and develop a Plan B and Plan C for contingencies. Q&A between panelists and workshop participants will be highly encouraged.

Career Hour 1: Leveraging Social Media for Networking and Career Advancement

Tuesday, 9 January, 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
More and more recruiters, job decision-makers, and hiring managers are using the web to find and research potential candidates. How can you make sure that you are not only found, but are ahead of the pack? In this session, we will discuss how decision-makers use LinkedIn and Facebook, and how you can use LinkedIn to establish yourself as a leader in your field, enhance your research reputation, and seek out and take advantage of innovative opportunities.

Career Hour 2: Showcasing Astronomy Alumni in Non-Academic Careers

Wednesday, 10 January, 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
More of our astronomy colleagues are choosing meaningful careers in industry, and yet very little information trickles back into academia about what those careers are like, what skills transferred from astronomy training, or even how to make a career transition. The lack of solid information and mentoring can make any career path beyond the academy seem daunting. For this prequel to the Beyond the Academy Panel Discussion, our invited speakers from the first session will be joined by recruiters and other astronomers from a wide spectrum of fields for an engaging breakout session on careers outside academia. We will have the speakers introduce themselves and take questions from the audience for 30 minutes. The final hour will allow the audience to network with individual panelists and recruiters in small groups.

Beyond the Academy: Securing a Non-Academic Career

Wednesday, 10 January, 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
In this session, astronomer alumni and recruiters from a wide spectrum of fields join in for an engaging panel discussion on how to start a career outside of academia. Topics will cover advice on marketing your existing skills for a position beyond the academy; what highly-sought skills will increase your competitiveness; how the job-hunting process works; what to expect in the interview process; what the initial transition will really like, and more. Expect lots of Q&A from the audience and time to network with individual panelists during this session. Presented in partnership with the American Institute of Physics (AIP).

Career Hour 3: Interviewing: What You Need to do Before, During, and After to Get the Job

Thursday, 11 January, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
What you need to know and do to get the job from the first moment of contact to the moment you leave the interview.