Scott Chazdon

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Scott Chazdon is an Evaluation and Research Specialist with the Extension Center for Community Vitality, University of Minnesota. Dr. Chazdon has over thirty years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative methodology and analysis, participatory research and evaluation strategies, building evaluation capacity and conducting research in diverse settings ranging from the squatter settlements of Arequipa, Peru to the offices of bank community reinvestment officials. For the past eleven years with the Extension Center for Community Vitality, he has led efforts to measure program outcomes and community-level impacts, and to build evaluation and applied research capacity among the staff. His research with Extension has focused on community social capital assessment, community readiness, as well as use of the community capitals framework to conduct impact studies of Extension programs. Before coming to Extension, Chazdon worked for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, where he developed a highly respected system for county performance measurement in Minnesota's welfare-to-work program and conducted a major longitudinal study that was influential in policy changes to improve the program. Chazdon received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Denver, and his Masters in socio-cultural anthropology at the University of Florida in Gainesville.