Safety and Emergency

Your badge is required for admission to all events at #NSBE44. Please make sure you are wearing your name badge throughout Annual Convention.

Your safety is important to us. This year, we are enhancing our security procedures to include bag screenings and metal detector wands at our signature events such as Opening and General Sessions, Career Fair and entertainment. We encourage you to note the seating times in the agenda and plan to arrive early for entry. If you chose to leave these events at any time you will have to be rescanned.

When you are through with your badge, turn it in to registration. Do not leave it laying in the open so that unscrupulous individuals have access to it. In addition, please do not let anyone have access to your badge for any purpose. Lending badges to others for access to the meeting is strictly prohibited.

Have your room key out and ready when entering your hotel room. Fumbling in an attempt to locate it in either a pocket or purse outside your door could be a security risk.

Never give a stranger your room number.
Upon check-in to your room, note where the nearest fire exits are, so you know in which direction to go quickly in case of a fire emergency. Remember – smoke rises, so if necessary, while exiting, get as close to the floor as possible when there is heavy smoke prevalent.

When out in an urban area, it is advisable to travel in groups or pairs.

Looking down and concentrating on a mobile device while texting or listening to music through ear buds can be a hazardous activity. Doing so while you are attempting to cross a street, get on and off an escalator, walk in a crowd, or make your way through an exhibit area can all be harmful to your safety and the safety of others.

Do not carry your passport with you once you arrive at the convention destination. Make a copy of the passport if you so desire and carry it with you but leave your passport at the hotel. If the room you are staying in has a safe, lock it in the safe. If it doesn't, consider leaving it in the hotel safe. Most important, do NOT carry it with you. If it is stolen or you lose it, obtaining a new one in order to get home can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming and could even delay your return home.

Do not carry all of your cash with you. Always leave enough cash in your hotel room safe or in the hotel safe to get you through the convention should you lose your money or be robbed. Otherwise, you could easily end up at the convention with no money at all and have difficulty getting home. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash or other tempting items. Try not to carry a purse. If you must carry a purse, carry it securely under your arm. Never wrap the purse strap around your arm or enter a tug-of-war with a thief trying to grab your purse. You could be seriously injured. STREET SENSE Scan the environment: Look for well-lit streets and areas you feel safe. Select routes that are the shortest between your destination and hotel or conference center but avoid deserted areas. Be observant.

Communicate the message that you are calm, confident, know where you are going, and know what is going on around you. Remove Convention IDs, your name badge and ribbons. Similarly, leave the convention totes back in the room. These are signs you are from out of town and might be an easy target.

Safety in numbers. Periodically check on each other and agree on departure times. Just Say “No"! If you feel compelled to give, donate to charitable organizations. Avoid street solicitors.

Whether in the meeting room or guest room, notice the nearest exits in case of an emergency. Remember an emergency could occur at the most inopportune time and in the dark. Consider leaving your shoes and clothing next to the bed if you need to run out the door. Keep the room key accessible.

Use all auxiliary locking devices on doors and windows. Use the door viewer to identify anyone requesting entry. Don't let anybody in the room without knowing they are expected and wearing a uniform or badge. If in doubt, call the front desk. In a fire emergency, be sure to check the door for heat and smoke before exiting.

When off the hotel grounds, please do not wear your badge in public. Doing so can give professional opportunists access to your name which they are able to exploit to your detriment.