Yoga for Gamers

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What is Y4G? It's the cultivation of mind-body awareness through video games and yoga! It's connecting the wires of your personal human "system" - your frame with your brain - via breathing, awareness... and video games. Gamers have certain skills already, whether we realize it or not. Y4G's goal is to hone these skills creatively through mindfulness, music, yoga.

With Danielle Foley as your humble guide, Y4G hopes to offer discussion, insight, and accessible practices so you can explore the game of life we're always in. Feel what it's like to step more fully into the Self and Player that is You. At MAGWest, join Danielle for a physical yoga class to strengthen, stretch, balance, and relax... We need to replenish your stamina to endure the rigors of Con-Life!

Or, come to her panel for a little more open discussion, meditation, and restorative practice. Everything is accompanied by video game music playlists to help us get in the zone! Grab your tickets and head to #MAGWest to get some zen in your life!