1. 21st Century Learning with Indigenous Knowledge and Digital Projects
    J'net Ayayqwayaksheelth, Sarah Chu & Bella McWatch
  2. Answering the Calls to Action on Indigenous Languages as a Non-Speaker
    Michelle Evans & Erin Elmhurst
  3. Appreciation VS Appropriation: Respectfully Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives and Practices in the Classroom
    Tesa Fiddler
  4. “As long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the water flows...” Education for Reconciliation in Elementary Classrooms
    Linda Isaac (NELSON)
  5. Birch Bark Basket Making: Honouring Indigenous Approaches to Learning in Mathematics
    Danielle Blair & Anika Guthrie
  6. Connecting Indigenous and Western Ways of Knowing Mathematics
    Dr. Ruth Beatty & Christina Ruddy
  7. Decolonizing the Spirit
    Ray John Jr.
  8. Engaging Students' head and heart in Reconciliation
    Jasmine Wong & Cheryl Payne
  9. Geronimo Henry: The Story of a Residential School Survivor
    Geronimo Henry
  10. Getting to know our Indigenous Neighbours-A Catholic school boards journey of teaching, learning and reconciliation
    Heather Pais & Mary Bechberger (LKDSB)
  11. Gindaaswag pige Maadookiiwag: A Twinning Project between Waabgon Gamig & York Region DSB
    Pamala Agawa, Hillary Greavette & Greer Atkinson
  12. Healing Through Art
    Erica Zombolas & Sheila Maracle
  13. Honouring the Land through Mural Art Collaborations
    Karen Randall , Rick Revelle & Onagottay Morris Blanchard
  14. How Do I learn From Here?
  15. Indigenizing Across the Secondary Curriculum
    Karen Lillie & Dave Linnerth
  16. Indigenous Arts & Stories
    Mira Goldberg-Poch, Dakota Brant & Bronwyn Graves
  17. Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science
    Sheila Rhodes, Jodie Williams & Joanne Arcand
  18. Infusing Indigenous Contributions in K to 12
    Pamela Toulouse
  19. Inspiring Teachers to Bring Residential School Content into their Classrooms
    Katrina Cadotte & Janet Steadman
  20. Integrating Indigenous Knowledge Across Curriculum
    Pamala Agawa
  21. Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) - Inuit traditional knowledge
    Piita Irniq
  22. Lessons From the Earth
    Jodie Williams & Nancy Rowe
  23. Making First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Voices more than just an English Course
    Denise Helmer-Johnston
  24. Métis 101: Understanding Métis History, Culture and Governance
    Anne Trudel
  25. More than words: Language Revitalization and Self-determination
    Ozaawaa Giizhgo Ginew (Monty McGahey II)
  26. Ontario Inuit Education Strategy: Reconciliation through Mutual Education, Our Journey Together,
    Qauyisaq Etitiq Nicole Parsons (Cultural Policy Advisor )
  27. ReconciliACTION: One School's Journey
    Dr. Terri-Lynn Brennan & Christine Jamieson
  28. Reconciliation: Honouring the Treaties
    Maurice Switzer
  29. Restoring our Relationship, Building a School Treaty
    Natalka Pucan & Gayle Mason Starke
  30. Secondary Summer School Credit Opportunity for Indigenous Students Grades 9-12
    Charlene Camillo & Cade Sanders & Starr McGahey-Albert
  31. Strengthening Indigenous Education in Alternative Education
    Jerica Fraser & Stephanie Skye
  32. Teaching Reconciliation Through Literacy and Drama Grades 5-8
    Jelynne Sornberger
  33. The Anishinaabe Creation Story - Making Connections to the Culture
    James Darin Corbiere
  34. The Moccasin Project: So They Can Go Home
    Nancy Rowe, Colinda Clyne & Jodie Williams
  35. The Seven Grandfather Teachings and the Anishinaabemowin Teaching Stick
    Juanita Pheasant and Michelle Brown
  36. The Story of Louis Riel – From a Métis Perspective
    Wanda Watsford
  37. Traditional Teachings
    Isaac Day
  38. Understanding the importance of treaty education in your classroom: Practical Strategies to Bridge Understanding
    Kelly Crawford & Elder Josh Eshkawkogan
  39. Walking Together to Support Teacher Education
    Bruce Beardy, Debbie Debassige, Carson Allard and Déirdre Smit
  40. Why do I keep looking for the bad guy?
    Bill Morrison