Southwest Research Institute

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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an independent nonprofit applied research and development organization headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The staff of 2,700 specializes in the creation and transfer of technology in engineering and the physical sciences, with total 2015 revenues of nearly $600 million. SwRI's Space Science and Engineering Division is a recognized leader in space science research as well as in the development of spacecraft instrumentation, avionics and electronics for both government and industry. Two departments in this division are hosted in Boulder, Colorado. The Department of Space Studies (DoSS) conducts basic observational, modeling, and theoretical research in a
wide range of solar system and astrophysical topics. The Department of Space Operations (DoSO) is active in the development and operation of a wide array of instrumentation and several space missions. Many visiting scientists and engineers visit these departments, while the office organizes meetings with focused scientific and space exploration topics.