Reporting an Incident

Advice for reporting sexual or other forms of harassment is available on the website of the Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA). Here is a summary of the more detailed information available on the CSWA website:

Write everything down (times, places, nature of the incident, and comments made). Save emails, notes, etc. Tell someone you trust. It is likely that you will have to write and sign an official letter of complaint, documenting the nature of the harassment and/or discrimination. Be as detailed as possible. Supporting documentation and statements from witnesses should be submitted with your letter.
Any individual covered by this policy who believes that he or she has been subjected to harassment should contact the AAS Executive Officer or other Society Officer. Other Society Officers include the President, Past President or President Elect, Senior Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. He or she is not required or expected to discuss the concern with the alleged offender. All complaints will be treated seriously and be investigated promptly. Confidentiality will be honored to the extent permitted as long as the rights of others are not compromised.

Contact Phone Number: +1-844-854-5101