Computers & Internet Service

The AAS provides wireless Internet service throughout each meeting, but we cannot guarantee full coverage in all locations. We provide priority access in the common areas. This means you may experience limited connectivity in the session rooms.

If you do make use of wireless Internet access during a presentation, or even if you are just taking notes on your computer, please keep your activities as quiet as possible so as to minimize distractions to other attendees and the speaker. If you must use a computer during a session, please consider sitting near the back of the room so as not to distract the speaker or session chair. These same guidelines apply to mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

One of the cost drivers for meeting registration is provision of adequate bandwidth, which — believe it or not — costs tens of thousands of dollars per meeting. Excessive downloading or uploading of files, software updates, streaming video, and other bandwidth-hungry activities (e.g., gaming, exploring virtual worlds) increases the costs for all attendees. The AAS reserves the right to ban excessive users from its meeting network and to use site blocking, port blocking, and traffic shaping to ensure adequate bandwidth for all.