Sessions & Questions

If you are giving a presentation, please be sure you have read the speaker and AV instructions on the AAS website ( All oral presentations must be uploaded to the internal network in the Speaker Ready Room. Personal laptops and USB drives will not be permitted for presentations in session rooms. We ask that you upload your presentation at least 24 hours in advance. Be sure to show up at your session on time.

The session chair is in charge of the session. He or she is empowered to stop questioning and to rearrange or otherwise adjust time slots (or not) based on tardiness or non-attendance of a scheduled speaker. The chair cannot extend talk times beyond the common limits of 10 minutes for regular contributions and 20 minutes for dissertation contributions (including time allotted for Q&A).

When asking questions of speakers please be professional, courteous, and polite. This is especially important when questioning students presenting their dissertation research.

Be considerate of other people wishing to ask questions. If you have multiple or detailed questions, speak with the presenter after the session.