Journalists & Embargoes

If your presentation covers results that have been, or will be, submitted to Nature or Science or any other journal with a strict embargo policy, be sure you understand how that policy applies to scientific meetings. No journal wishes to hinder communication between scientists. For example, both Science and Nature state explicitly that conference presentations do not violate their embargo policies.

Both journals also state that if your presentation covers work that has been, or will be, submitted to them, you should limit your interaction with reporters to clarifying the specifics of your presentation. As Science puts it, “We ask that you do not expand beyond the content of your talk or give copies of the paper, data, overheads, or slides to reporters.” That does not mean you should be rude if a reporter asks you for such materials or poses a question that you do not want to answer — just explain that your results are under embargo at Science or Nature, and the reporter will understand why you cannot be more forthcoming.