Using Your Own Laptop or Mobile Device While at the Meeting

  • The network is monitored throughout the meeting, and the AAS staff reserves the right to disconnect any device that is causing network problems or harm to other devices.

  • Please keep your software up to date and use a firewall and virus/spyware protection when necessary.

  • No device should be running as a server for offsite clients.

  • Absolutely no routers may be attached to the network without prior authorization from the AAS IT staff.

  • Wireless service will be available throughout the entire meeting space, though some areas may experience limited connectivity. Wireless access information is printed on the back of your badge. Please note that the wireless is not encrypted.

  • Due to FCC regulations and physical laws, some of the available wireless spectrum can become overcrowded and temporarily unusable, which limits connectivity and speeds. We work hard to avoid this without breaking the laws set by the government or physics.

  • Wireless connections will be dropped after 40 minutes of inactivity.