Activities Other than Official AAS Events

AAS members are reminded that social interactions that occur outside of official AAS activities are not sponsored by AAS and should not be considered AAS activities. AAS's business and social programs and activities are limited to those that are planned and officially publicized through AAS, and AAS is not responsible for any other activities that may take place before or after such programs and activities. Participation in any such outside activities is purely voluntary. Any such outside gatherings or events are solely the responsibility of those who decide to participate in them.

If you choose to attend any outside gathering or participate in any such non-AAS sponsored activity, however, please be mindful that that as AAS members you are still expected to uphold the same standards of personal conduct with respect to fellow members as you would at an AAS-sponsored program or activity. Please also be extremely mindful of your own safety as well as that of your colleagues at all times: if you choose to use alcohol, do so only in moderation; and keep the safety and behavior of yourself and colleagues uppermost in your mind.