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The Mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin,

nature and prevalence of life in the universe and to inspire and guide present and future generations. SETI Institute scientists work in the Carl Sagan Center, which encompasses the fields of Astronomy and Astophysics, Exoplanets, Planetary Exploration, Climate and Geoscience, Astrobiology, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). We have a passion for exploration and discovery, and for sharing knowledge as scientific ambassadors to the public including children and educators, the press and the government. We conduct research here on Earth and in space as a partner on NASA Missions such as Hubble, Kepler, Cassini, Curiosity, and SOFIA. Founded 30+ years ago, the Institute is a non-profit that employs more than 110 people funded by NASA, NSF and private donors. Come by #312 to learn more!