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Demystifying ethereum to build your own decentralized app (Ðapp) using blockchain

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Oct 28th at 11:15 AM until 12:15 PM




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The session will start with an overview of blockchain technology, move on to what a distributed ledger is, then introduce a real life example of bitcoin - its evolution, application and future.

Once participants realize the extent and use of blockchains, I will then introduce the concept of decentralized apps and the ethereum platform. After the context is set, we'll dive into the hands-on workshop (

- Setup development environment - Install testrpc, web3js and start test blockchain
- Smart contracts: Use solidity (an objected-oriented programming language) to write out a simple contract that increments votes and returns the count of votes
- Setup a simple website to invoke the contract methods
- Play with the application and see blockchain in live

This is a Shed session.

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