Ohio Five Rating Plan

This marching band event is held under the authority of the Ohio Music Education Association, Kathleen McGrady President, and Stephanie Smith Adjudicated Events Chair. In direct charge of this event are Jay Wardeska, State Finals Chair and OMEA Marching Band Affairs Chair, and Chris Carmean, State Finals Co-Chair and OMEA Marching Band Adjudications Chair.

The Ohio Music Education Association sanctions marching band festivals in the State of Ohio in hopes of providing a broad-based opportunity for marching units of the state's schools to participate in an educational setting. It is hoped that the adjudicated festival situation would be one in which viable comments and suggestions are offered in a positive, constructive manner to each group and a fair evaluation of the group's performance is reflected within the Ohio Five Rating Plan as outlined below. It is intended that this system provide the fairest, most consistent experience possible for the marching bands in the State of Ohio.

Ohio bands receiving a final rating of “I" (Superior) in any of the 63 OMEA-sanctioned marching band adjudicated events held this fall are eligible to participate in today's State Marching Band Finals.

These bands are not competing against one another, but rather against a standard, as determined by the Ohio Five Rating Plan. Each band brings to these State Finals its own musical and marching “style" identity, therefore the ranking of these bands would be inappropriate for this educational arena. Direct comparisons of this musical and visual art form are discouraged, and for these reasons, the Ohio Music Education Association prefers to “rate" the bands according to a standard, rather than ranking them.

The bands here today are grouped according to classes as determined by their school enrollment in grades 10–12, excluding vocational students attending a separate school.

The Ohio Five Rating Plan of Adjudication will be used for all Adjudicated Events. The decision of the judges is final. A participant or group may elect to perform either for a rating or in “Festival Performance" for comments only, but must perform the required composition(s) for the classification.

The Five Rating Plan is as follows:

Rating I:

An outstanding performance with very few technical errors and exemplifying a truly musical expression. This rating should be reserved for the truly outstanding performance.

Rating II:

An unusual performance in many respects, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects in performance, ineffective interpretation, or improper instrumentation.

Rating III:

An acceptable performance, but not outstanding. Showing accomplishment and marked promise, but lacking in one or more essential qualities.

Rating IV:

A poor performance showing many technical errors, poor musical conception, lack of interpretation, incomplete instrumentation, or lacking in any of the other essential qualities.

Rating V:

A very poor performance indicating deficiencies in most of the essential factors, and indicating that much careful attention should be given to the fundamentals of good performance. This rating should be used sparingly and only when it is possible to cite major faults.