CSU Symposium + PolyTeach

Cal Poly Pomona PolyTeach “Technology & the Innovative University" & 20th Annual CSU Symposium on University Teaching Joint Conference

Bronco Student Center, Cal Poly Pomona

About “Productive Disruption"

If someone's future is a function of their zip code, and education is basically the only factor which can change that math, then the CSU may be the most productively disruptive institution in existence ( The Equality of Opportunity Project, 2017). The Graduation 2025 Initiative aims to make the disruption even more productive by proactively seeking out and addressing all the big and small ways that students can be unproductively held back. Although GI 2025 includes a lot of behind-the-scenes strategies such as technology-enhanced advising and scheduling and clarifying paths to degree and improving curricula alignment with K-12 and helping community colleges ensure college readiness -- what we faculty do in the classrooms is the single most influential element for students' success.

As we're all probably aware, a “disruption" in the technology world is a new idea or a new application of an old idea that changes the way we all do things, hopefully for the better. So the conference theme Productive Disruption asks us these questions as faculty: What do we do that we wish we could get everyone in our department to do? What are we doing in our classrooms or with our students that's out of the ordinary and helps them think more deeply, achieve more ambitiously, succeed more forthrightly? Ultimately, what are we willing to change, and change widely, to get the best results for our students?