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Who can participate in ASI Intramural Sports?
Any current Cal Poly Recreation Center member can participate.

What sports are typically offered each quarter?

Fall: 5x5 Basketball, Flag Football, 9x9 Soccer, Futsal, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee
Winter: 5x5 Basketball, 9x9 Soccer, Futsal, Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Racquetball
Spring: 5x5 Basketball, Flag Football, 9x9 Soccer, Futsal, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee

How do I register?
Team managers are the only participants required to register and pay for the entire team. Managers can register a team either online at access.asi.calpoly.edu or in person at the Recreation Center. Team registration begins on the first Thursday of every quarter.

What if I don't have a team?
Participants without a team should register for a free agent team online at access.asi.calpoly.edu. Free agent teams will be announced at a mandatory meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday of the second week of the quarter.

Can I play on more than one team?
Participants may only play on one team per gender league per sport. For example, a participant could play on a men's soccer team, a co-rec soccer team, and a men's basketball team, but could not play on two men's soccer teams (even if they are in two different divisions).

Where are games played?
Intramural Sports games are played at either the Recreation Center or at the Cal Poly Sports Complex.

Do I need my PolyCard to play Intramurals?
Yes, all students must bring their PolyCard to every game. Non-student participants must bring a valid photo ID to check in.

What do the different divisions mean?
Division 1:
Highly competitive. D1 participants should have previous experience playing the sport.
Division 2: Moderately competitive. D2 participants should have previous experience playing the sport. Level of play is not as competitive as D1.
Division 3: Recreational. D3 participants can have little to no previous experience playing the sport.

What is a Co-Rec league?
Men and women compete on the same team in Co-Rec leagues.

What does N+1 mean?
N+1 is the general rule for how many men and women must be on the field or court in a co-rec game. If the number of players on the field is even, there must be an equal number of men and women in play. If the number of players on the field is odd, the number of men and women may only differ by one. For example, in a co-rec 5x5 basketball game there may be 3 men and 2 women or 3 women and 2 men on the court, but not 4 men and 1 woman.

Can I add players to my roster once the season starts?
Teams may add players to their roster at any point during the regular season. The new player must bring their PolyCard or photo ID to the next game. The sport supervisor will then add them to the team.

Where are schedules posted?
Schedules are posted online at IMLeagues.com.

What happens if I cannot make my scheduled game?
Teams who cannot make a scheduled game should let the Intramural Sports staff know as soon as possible. Staff members will work to reschedule the game if possible. If rescheduling the game is not possible, the team will be given an automatic loss.

What constitutes a forfeit?
Teams who are not at their game with the minimum amount of players checked in and ready to play before their scheduled game time will be given a forfeit.

How and when do I pay a forfeit fee?
A forfeit fee of $25 must be paid no later than two days before a team's next scheduled game. Forfeit fees may be paid at the front desk of the Recreation Center or online at access.asi.calpoly.edu.

What is a default?
A default will be given to teams who cannot make a game, but inform the Intramural Sports staff ahead of time. While a default will still count as a loss, the team will not receive a '-' behavior rating and will not be charged a forfeit fee.

What happens if my team receives a '-' behavior rating?
Teams that receive a '-' will need to contact Intramural Sports staff within 48 hours. Depending on the situation, the team manager may be required to meet with a sport supervisor before their next game. Teams that receive two '-' ratings will be dropped from their league.

How are playoffs determined?
Teams are selected for playoffs based on a number of criteria including record, head-to-head record, point differential, forfeits, and behavior rating. Intramural Sports staff reserve the right to include or omit any team from the playoffs for any reason.

What does my team get if we win a championship?
Teams who win their championship game will receive an Intramural Sports Championship T-shirt and bragging rights.