2018 Delta Chi Region VI Regional Leadership Conference


On behalf of the Kettering Chapter, welcome to the 2018 Region VI Leadership Conference! The Kettering Chapter is very excited to host the conference this year. This year as in the past, we hope to have a lot of interaction among the members, explore ways to work on chapter operations, and have a great time doing it all. We also hope you will take what is learned and discussed over the course of the conference and implement these new ideas at your home chapters.

Preamble of Delta Chi

"We, the members of The Delta Chi Fraternity, believing that great advantages are to be derived from a brotherhood of college and university men, appreciating that close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education, do ordain and establish this Constitution".

2018 Region VI RLC Conduct Policy

I hereby agree to fulfill all of the terms listed below as a representative of my chapter/colony and as a member of The Delta Chi Fraternity: I understand that, as a representative of The Delta Chi Fraternity, I will stay with the Leadership Conference attendees during the duration of the Conference.

I realize that I represent my Chapter/Colony and its interests. As such a representative, I understand that any actions I take at the Conference will positively or negatively affect the opinions of others about my Chapter/Colony and The Delta Chi Fraternity.

I will abide by the Eleven Basic Expectations of a Delta Chi and support the values represented in the Preamble.

I will attend and participate in all aspects of the Conference, including educational sessions, and/or any other events that have been arranged as part of the Conference.

As a member, I will behave in a responsible and mature manner. Intoxication; use of substances; and disruptive, abusive, or inappropriate behavior may result in immediate dismissal from the Conference. If I am asked to leave, I understand that I must reimburse the Conference for any expenses it paid on my behalf for my participation in the Conference and that my attendee fee will not be returned to me.

I agree to respect the property of the hotel, as well as any patrons of said hotel. I will pay for any damage I cause.

Conference Attire

Casual attire will be appropriate for Friday evening. Coat and tie will be required all day on Saturday through the Ritual. Casual attire will be appropriate for the Saturday night Brotherhood Event. Please represent yourself, your chapter, Delta Chi and your university with pride by dressing appropriately. Please do not embarrass yourself or Delta Chi by wearing t-shirts with inappropriate images or slogans.

Conference Conduct

On Sunday morning you will leave this campus and Community, but the Brothers of the Kettering Chapter will not. They will live with whatever reputation you leave behind. You will be expected to have your entire delegation in attendance at every session. The Regional Conference should be a fun experience, but it is not a weekend long party. The Regional Conference and hotel rooms are substance free. Anyone caught violating these rules will be removed from the conference and no refunds will be issued. Please conduct yourself with honor and as a gentleman so as to “reflect credit upon yourself and esteem upon your associates." Anything less will be unacceptable.

Conference Attendance

There will be a series of roll calls throughout the weekend to ensure attendance at all sessions. These times are designated with (Roll Call) on the agenda. Please do not waste your money or your chapter's money by showing up late, leaving early, skipping sessions, etc. Delta Chi Law states, “ Failure to have a delegation in attendance at each Regional Leadership Conference shall result in a fine of $200 for each vote the chapter would be entitled to cast, even if the chapter is ineligible to vote." To comply with this requirement and avoid the fine, each and every delegate shall answer every roll taken throughout the weekend.